Brun Design Studio

Architectural Renovations & Furniture Design

Brun Design Studio was founded by the award winning Jean Michel Brun over 30 years ago.

Design, art and nature have always been a real passion for Jean Michel since childhood and it was with this desire that he formed his own company, Brun Design Studio, based in London. 

As a young man spending many summers in the remote woodlands areas of France, Jean Michel was in charge from an early age to find wood in the forest for his family’s wooden stove. It was from then that Jean Michel developed a natural knowledge and sensitivity to wood species, nature and art. With the limited tools of just an axe and a knife he carved beautiful figures and etchings out of just bark and wood that everyone would love. He then went onto make wooden chairs, tables and even doors at the request of friends and neighbours. 

Jean Michel Brun

As Jean Michel became a young men, his love for interior architecture, fine arts and sustainability began to grow, that naturally led him to design creative interiors, renovating homes with wood, stone and other natural materials as its main focus. Consequently, Jean Michel forged a reputable reputation in Paris, but then decided to expand his horizons and take his talents around the globe, carrying out both small and large-scale projects, always attentive to his clients’ needs.

As the years passed and more materials were at hand, Jean Michel expanded his portfolio and based himself in Kensington, London, which led to the formation of Brun Design Studio that builds and creates masterful designs in a wide range of the finest materials – marble, glass, granite, copper, tin, stone, precious woods – sourced globally.

Today, Brun Design Studio, stands as tall as the trees that Jean Michel loves so much and his portfolio is un-matched. Brun Design Studio has carried out a number of projects that are all unique in its nature. Concerned with sustainability, Jean Michel continues to love architectural design, art and nature more and more each day, and each project is a new opportunity to create beautiful visionary designs and pieces, conveying harmony and simplicity whilst exploring sustainable solutions and materials. 

We aim to create beautiful homes, marrying together art and design, whilst paying great attention to every step of the renovating process, however small or large the task. We are with you throughout the whole renovating process, from design to completion, providing our clients with our expertise, creativity, technical knowledge and commitment, reassuring them from beginning to end since a home renovation should be as stress free as humanly possible.