Livign Room in South Kensington

Brun Design Studio, pride ourselves on creating bespoke interiors that stand the test of time. Carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail.
Jean Michel is a master visionary designer and a craftsman. The Living Room pictured above is one of the fine examples of Jean’s artistic vision and attention to detail, that have created this charming living space.
This quintessential living room is handcrafted in textured oak and has the look and feel of a stunning traditional living space. However, it is decked with plenty of storage space with pull out cabinets and a TV that is beautifully hidden in the walls. The craftsmanship behind these details is second to none, and the joinery to achieve this look is simply breathtaking.
The curved walls are hand-carved in textured oak, a difficult task to carry out, but Jean is a master of this assemblage. The ceiling, painted in a similar shade to the panelling, blends delightfully with the walls. This perfect junction between the ceiling and the panelling is accentuated by the wood cornice, which mimics the period plaster moulding of the ceiling.
The airy and spacious living space has plenty of natural light that reflects exquisitely, adding extra warmth to this stunning space. Lighting is an important element of the project and at night, the fireplace slightly illumines giving a nice effect to the ambiance of the room. There is also a warm indirect lighting hidden in the wooden moulding, giving a magical feel to the period plaster cornice.
The shutters are half shutters, which allows you to have the option of fully opening your windows, or the more traditional way of opening the window – a half window (which gives you both privacy and beautiful views on the skies as well as plenty of natural light) – depending on your mood and room temperature.
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